You are what you stream. Love, a Dad.

While I was unloading the groceries into the house today, I was quietly singing this linerepeatedly: “I’ve got those moves like Jagger, got those moves like Jagger…” As I finished putting the squeezable applesauce pouches into the refrigerator, I... Read More

Spoiler-free reaction to watching “Love is Blind” for the first time

Have you, too, also wondered, “Why would you marry someone from a pool of TV producers picked for ‘good TV?'” Well, apparently, so has Derrick. Derrick is one of our incredible engineers here at VidAngel who humored us by... Read More

All the thoughts we had while watching “Love is Blind”

Love is patient. Love is kind. But is love blind? Season 5 left us all feeling like that could have just been an email, a good ol’ nothing burger of a season. Luckily, Season 6 is a something burger,... Read More

The Viddy Awards

It’s awards season. Are you watching? Neither are we. But hey, it beats cold/flu season. We decided to partake in this year’s awards season with a little VidAngel flare. Think of it like Who’s Line Is It Anyway? The... Read More

“The Office” through the eyes of a VidAngel Employee

“I’ve never seen The Office.”  That was followed by five very long seconds of awkward silence in the midst of an interview with one of our potential hires. Now, if you’re new here, our VidAngel Facebook page practically doubles... Read More

You’ll use VidAngel more than your microwave.

Do people really use VidAngel more than their microwaves? According to one singular customer, yes. Unless you’re more of a Chef Boyardee instead of a chef, this might be true for you too. One of the biggest complaints is... Read More

Honest “Echoes” Review

“Echoes” hooks you from the beginning. If you think you can guess what’s happening from the start, you’re wrong. It was equal parts intriguing, disturbing, and confusing. It’s hard when writers forget about the last episode or that it’s... Read More