Stranger Things Season 4, Part 2

Stranger Things… Then v. Now

The fourth season starts off with Dr. Martin Brenner’s unusually meticulous morning routine. It’s September 8, 1979 and back at the Hawkins National Laboratories. Dr. Brenner walks into the Rainbow Room and directs his attention to 010. He sits down next to the boy, asking him if he’d like to do lessons. 

All is calm. Eerie, but calm.

Without giving too many spoilers (I bestow that on my friends and family due to my constant need for oversharing), I’lI go through the filter counts. In the opening scenes of the fourth season, there are 15 dead bodies shown. There were 10 in the first season total. It’s simple math, but that’s 50% more deaths in one scene than the entire first season combined. 

It appears that the kids at Hawkins High aren’t the only part of Stranger Things that have grown; so have the filter counts. There are 232 counts of language in the first season. 585 in the fourth. 115 counts of violence/blood/gore in the first season. 538 in the fourth. 

Now, if you’ve watched the first season, you know you didn’t sign up to watch The Baby-Sitters Club, although Steve might disagree. This isn’t your typical teenybopper, gather the family for an uplifting movie night classic kind of series. You’ll be on the edge of your seat with cliff-hangers at the end of each riveting episode. So much so, if this IS your cup of tea, you’ll be asking for seconds.

Just because you enjoyed the first season, doesn’t mean you signed up for twice as much profanity and gore just to know what happens next. Find out what’s next, without ALL 585 counts of language and 538 counts of violence. 

Critics and viewers across the board have asked for a show-stopping fourth season, and the Duffer Brothers delivered ten-fold. It has shattered all previous VidAngel records, making it the most-watched TV series on our site. Watch the finale of Stranger Things Season 4 with VidAngel! 



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  1. I’m confused, this seems to imply that the filters would be up to “watch the finale of Stranger Things Season 4 on VidANgel today!” There still aren’t filters for the finale, just the episode before it. Can we expect filters for the finale soon?

    1. We apologize for the wait and are so grateful for your patience! At the time we published this article, the first half of the finale/Volume 2 was live on VidAngel. The 9th episode took longer than anticipated. We have the 9th episode available now on VidAngel! 🙂

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