Jack Ryan - Season 3

What’s it like to watch Jack Ryan without profanity?

Fans shouted and begged for a new season, and after a quick 1,147 days, the 3rd season of Jack Ryan is FINALLY HERE. Ladies and gents, it’s time to pause The Office reruns and watch Jim Krasinski take on the world. 

We often see comments like, “There would be nothing left to watch that show with filters.” Respectfully, that’s incorrect. The run-time in Jack Ryan’s first episode is 1 hour and 5 minutes. Apply all available 89 filters for that episode and there are still 59 minutes and 51 seconds left to enjoy. That’s a whole lot of “nothing.” 

By all means, we know that taking profanity out of a show doesn’t mean it automatically qualifies to be on your toddler’s watchlist right next to Blippi. BUT taking out f-bombs or nudity might make a series like Jack Ryan more enjoyable, and maybe even become one of your favorite new shows. So many of our customers have come forward to share their experiences about trying to get through that first episode, turning it off, and then giving it a go with VidAngel.

JACK RYAN – VidAngel Customer Reviews

“Watched the first episode of Amazon Prime and got sick of the F word. Watching the rest on VidAngel.” – Geoff

“Great storyline… waaay too much language. I would not have watched it without filters.” – Stacy Rist

“Watched Jack Ryan through VidAngel! Love VidAngel. Never would’ve been able to see it without VidAngel.” – Courtney

“I thought season one was better than two. Watch with VidAngel…they have potty mouths and nakey-nakey.” – Sarah

“We VidAngeled both seasons. VidAngel for season 1 is an absolute must. Season 2 has fewer objectionable scenes, but still needs VidAngel.” – Brian

“We used VidAngel default filters to watch this, and it worked great. I went back and watched the first episode without filters and was shocked there was an unnecessary nude sex scene. I learned my lesson.” – Mark

“We tried watching Jack Ryan without VidAngel but couldn’t even get through one episode. So the rest of them, we watched with VidAngel.” – Kristina

“I would NEVER watch that show without VidAngel.” – Heather

Filter Jack Ryan Now with VidAngel


If you’re like us and can’t quite remember what you had for lunch yesterday, let alone where Jack Ryan left off three years ago, we got you. Don’t read ahead if you still want to give Jack Ryan a chance and have plans to dive into the series from the beginning.

Last chance. We warned you. We’ll keep it short-ish. There’s a whole new season awaiting you and last-minute Christmas shopping to procrastinate.


In Season 1, “Jack Ryan” is an up-and-coming CIA financial analyst thrown into the field for a dangerous assignment. He quickly discovers a pattern of terrorist communications that threatens global destruction. Halfway across the world, Suliman and his younger brother, Ali, are orphaned at a young age after a terrorist attack in Lebanon. They escape to France, become French citizens, and face extreme discrimination. An encounter with the police leads to Ali revealing a gun in his jacket. Suliman covers for his brother and is charged with assault, and gets placed in prison, where he is radicalized by extremists. After his release, Suliman becomes a Sheik in Syria and recruits men to serve his cause––making the western world pay for the mistreatment he and his brother endured, no matter the cost. After a massive cat-and-mouse game, Ebola edition, Jack Ryan successfully takes out Suliman. The first season ends with Jack deciding between a position as the new head of TFAD or a place on Greer’s team in Russia.


Season 2 begins with political warfare in Venezuela. Jack Ryan has decided to work for Senator Moreno in DC. He is sent off to Venezuela to investigate an armed shipment. And who does he run into? James Greer, who was also sent from Russia to investigate the same shipment. On their way out of Venezuela, Ryan’s boss, Senator Moreno, is assassinated by Max Schenkel. Ryan believes the President, Nicolas Reyes, has something to do with it. After a series of unfortunate events, Greer starts to uncover the depth of Reyes’ corruption. Greer gets captured by Reyes, and Ryan teams up with South African mercenaries to try and save Greer. Ryan finds out that prisoners are being executed and malnourished. He films the mass graves and the prisoners, sending footage of the prison camp to news outlets, leading to riots outside the palace. Ryan returns home to meet with Senator Chapman, discovering he was working with Reyes and was responsible for Moreno’s death. He is arrested on the spot. Greer decides to take a break from the field.

Filter Jack Ryan Now with VidAngel

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