Who are the VidAngel Customer Support Reps?

Hope you’re sitting down for this one. Our customer support team are actual real-life human beings. They read and respond to every Facebook message, comment, Twitter DM, and email that comes into VidAngel. For chats, we use a chatbot for preliminary information, but if you need something more or just want to interact with a friendly human, the chatbot passes you along to one of us! So who is the mystery team on the other side of the screen? If one of the names below sounds familiar, helped you out in a bind, or maybe just gave you an above-average movie recommendation, leave them a note below, and we’ll forward the note. Did you have a rough experience? Don’t be afraid to be honest. We’re no strangers to fierce feedback. We’ve seen the Public Forum episodes on Parks & Recreation

How long have you been on the VidAngel support team?

Jessica: 5 years and 4 months.

Shelby: 2.5 years.

Lydia: Just about a year!

Pam: Since September 2022.

Jennifer: I started filtering for VidAngel 11 months ago and transitioned to Customer Support 8 months ago.

Natalie: Almost 2 years.

Jen: 1.5 yrs.

Lauren: Five and a half years.

Jenny: I have been with VidAngel for 1.5 yrs.

How did you become involved with VidAngel?

Jessica: I started as a Support Angel because I loved the company and what VidAngel believes in. My sister worked for VidAngel and I really appreciated how well she was treated and wanted to be a part of the company too!

Shelby: I was laid off from another company and one of my co-workers from that company started at VidAngel and suggested I apply when I was still looking for a new job.

Lydia: A friend told me about it and then I saw the job listing 2 years later.

Pam: Referral from a friend to work here. I also had a high school friend who used VidAngel all the time and we would watch Every rated-R movie I was not allowed to watch – haha!

Jennifer: I first heard about VidAngel through my sister [who works here].

Natalie: My friend posted about an opening in Support and I was ready to have a job where I didn’t have to take my son to daycare and he could stay home with me.

Jen: Initially because my brother worked for VidAngel, then my husband started working at VidAngel.

Lauren: My husband worked with someone whose wife worked at VidAngel. It sounded like a wonderful business and offered remote positions. I asked him to let me know when there was an opening. A little while later there was and I jumped at the opportunity!

Jenny: I worked with [another co-worker], at Cove. He contacted me to see if I was interested in working for VidAngel.

What is your favorite movie/show on VidAngel?

Jessica: Outlander. It is a wonderful show as long as I can filter the parts I choose to filter.

Shelby: The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.

Lydia: Probably Anchorman or Moonrise Kingdom!

Pam: I currently have become addicted to Poldark. I also LOVE The Chosen.

Jennifer: My favorite movie of all time is The Peanut Butter Falcon. I love it on VidAngel because there is quite a bit of language in the movie, especially in the beginning.

Natalie: All of them? Orphan Black is one I wouldn’t have watched without filters but loooved being able to take out some sex, language, and violence and then watch it.

Jen: Currently, my TV show is Wednesday! I’m obsessed. But I like lots of movies! My go-to right now is Christmas movies. Holidate, Love Hard, The Night Before. And I really liked Wedding Season, very similar to Holidate. 

Lauren: So many! I love stories, and better yet, ones that don’t have stuff in them I’d rather not see/hear. My current obsessions are The Chosen, The Crown, The Dragon Prince, and Knives Out.

Jenny: Planes, Trains and Automobiles

If you could give one pro-tip to our customers, what would it be?

Jessica: Keep all your devices updated and delete the cache by rebooting every so often! Ensuring your devices and apps are always updated will offer a much smoother experience not only with VidAngel but with all your other apps, as well. 

Shelby: If you use VidAngel daily and watch multiple episodes or movies, clear your verifications regularly on the website.

Lydia: I’d for sure recommend following our Instagram and Facebook! Our social team is super great at updating people there with what’s new to VidAngel + is great at posting lots of funny memes!

Pam: If you’re confused just chat in. Or clear your cache.

Jennifer: My biggest pro tip is… don’t be afraid to reach out! Whether it is a question or request, we want to hear from you! We love our customers and want to make your day.

Natalie: Double-check your filters before you start your show! Sometimes a filter is show-specific so your Default Filters don’t block it out. No one needs an unwelcomed surprise on movie night, that’s why we’re here!

Jen: Set Default Filters!

Lauren: If you’re a fix-it-yourself kind of person, then you should know about our Help Center! Also, I tell this to all my friends: if you are not getting the help you need from the chatbot, just ask for a live person and you’ll come straight to us. 

Jenny: Our TV apps (vs casting) will make the viewing experience much better for them.

If you were an appliance or gadget, what would you be and why?

Jessica: I would be a “Leatherman” or multi-tool. I have always been one to feel the need to “Be Prepared”. As a Leatherman, I can help with any project, get you out of a bind, and help make everyday tasks easier!

Shelby: I have been pondering this for 30 minutes and have no idea.

Lydia: Great question! Probably a toaster, because I love bread! Sourdough has a very special place in my heart <3

Pam: I like to think I’m the Apple TV, but I think I’m similar to the Firestick Install. At least the way my brain works. Some things will make sense to me but not to others.

Jennifer: I would be an electric blanket. I hate being cold and love making people feel “warm and fuzzy”.

Natalie: Hmmm probably an Instant Pot. I’ll give you a food burn error on occasion, but most of the time I am focused on being happy and making everyone around me happy. I haven’t made a meal in my instant pot yet that I didn’t love.

Jen:  A phone because I would be able to help people stay connected with each other.

Lauren: Maybe a smartphone or a kindle, so I could hold all the information and all the stories.

Jenny: I would be a dishwasher, washing dishes is not a favorite of mine, so the dishwasher makes that chore a lot easier. 

VidAngel support is primarily a remote position, how do you handle a work/life balance?

Jessica: Having the ability to work from home allows me to be home when my teenagers get home from school. I love that I can be available to give rides when needed and that I am an active part of their lives. I work primarily when they are gone at school, and on days off, we balance between work and personal needs.

Shelby: If you need the job, you just make it work. Luckily, VidAngel is great about understanding people have lives and families and sometimes things come up.

Lydia: When I’m off work, I’m off work! I go outside, I shop, or I go get a 32 coke from Swig. Mostly a good combination of target and swig!

Pam: I’m still getting the hang of it. But I can’t complain. In my home office, I come to work in my pajamas and there is no one to judge me, except maybe the pets at the house.

Jennifer: It is easy for me to achieve a work/life balance because I love my job! I have a separate place to work and physically put my computer away at the end of my shift. Then I’m excited to pull my computer back out to start a new shift and talk to our customers again. Loving my coworkers and customers makes this a low-stress job for me.

Natalie: It can be hard for sure, but I make sure to leave work in my home office when my shift is over and really focus on my family. I also am sure to plan something fun with my son on my day off during the week to make the most of that time with him.

Jen: It’s easy and it’s so great! I have my schedule for work, but also know that I have the flexibility to be able to take my kids to doctor/dentist appts, field trips, or dates with my spouse. Also, having my spot where I work so my family knows I’m working.

Lauren: It can sometimes be challenging. I have a home office, which helps a ton, and I try to get all the brain-intensive work done while the kids are at school. If not, I try to finish up after they’re in bed. Sometimes that doesn’t happen and we’re all doing homework together. But I love being able to be close by if I’m really needed or to throw a load of laundry in during a break. It is a proactive effort to not get distracted by household tasks. 

Jenny: When I take a break I make sure to leave the house and go outside for a refresher (a drive, walk).

What do you love most about our customers?

Jessica: Our customers are incredibly patient with the inevitable technology challenges associated with online streaming. They are so understanding as we do what we can to troubleshoot with them. If we have a system outage, our customers are eager to help get us any information we need to get the issue fixed. I love that our customers are passionate about filtering. They stand strong with us as we pave the way to make filters easier to use and add additional titles.

Shelby: How enthusiastic they are about our product and protecting their families from unnecessary content. We have some big die-hard fans and it’s great!

Lydia: They are so enthusiastic! I get to send out the new title alerts to people and it’s super fun to hear how excited they are!

Pam: They are seriously so nice. Most of them say “God Bless You.” I like that. I need the blessings. 

Jennifer: What I love most about our customers is their kindness! I get to email, live message, and call our customers. With every interaction I have, I feel like I make a new friend.

Natalie: Everything! Our customers are so kind and eager to make a personal connection and we love connecting with people here in Support. We are not robots so let’s be friends!

Jen: Their support and excitement for our product and our vision/purpose, to offer filters so that they can enjoy their shows the way they want (with or without the bad stuff). 

Lauren: I love our customers! I chose to stay with this company in large part because of the type of people VidAngel customers tend to be (true story)! They are often so happy that we can make that experience even better for them and I love it when I can fix a problem or answer a question for any of them. 

Jenny: Our customers are loyal and supportive. They are kind and believe in what we do. Our customers are the best!

Unlike your in-laws, our customer service team looks forward to serving YOU each and every day. We are so grateful for your support. 

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  1. Hi,

    Two-thirds of the time. My vid Angel movie will stop so frequently that it makes the movie unwatchable (a movie that is being watched via Netflix). Do you have any tips for want might make this occur less often?

  2. We have a Firestick plugged into the TV, the installation instructions says to find the app on the TV, that app doesn’t show on the app section, Help

  3. Is there anyway that I can get vidangel cheaper than 10$ monthly. I have grandkids and want them to be able to enjoy movies without all the cursing and woke stuff. But its hard on my budget I’m on a fixed income 62 y.i. grandfather.

  4. I’m unable to cast vidangel on my tv. There is no app on prime. I initiated it from my phone.

  5. Question: I’m watching Jack Ryan on Prime. I can’t get closed caption to work… the icon doesn’t appear on the player. However, at the end of each segment, when the next segment appears in the bottom right, I can see the cc icon on the next segment. How can I get the cc to work?

    1. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused! We are here to help. We have an article in our help center for quick tips on how to get closed captioning to work on each device, check out this help center article. If you would like to get in touch with a product expert, email us by clicking this link and they will walk you through a few step-by-step solutions.

  6. We are having trouble watching Outlander. The video stops every few minutes and the only way I can get it going again is to try fast forwarding and then stopping and then trying to start it again. Sometimes it works and sometimes not.

    1. That sounds extremely frustrating! We’d love for you to reach our to our Support Team HERE so they can help you out!

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