Netflix Update

A letter from our CEO, Bill Aho

Dear VidAngel Members,

You may have heard that Netflix is launching an ad-supported subscription plan. This follows Amazon’s recent launch of Freevee, which offers ad-supported content at no cost. The good news is that we have been hard at work integrating Freevee, which should be available in the coming weeks! 

Customers have asked if we will offer filters for the ads. No, we will not. We respect the business models of streaming services, and ads are part of that business model. Our customers will see the same ads with VidAngel that they would have seen without it, and you will not be able to filter the content of the ads the same way you can filter the content of a show.

We are working hard to make VidAngel great for you and your family. Technology challenges in our industry can be complex. It pains us when we have glitches, even when they are not our fault. We work day and night so you can enjoy our service 24/7, and we pay attention to every request, complaint, and suggestion from our members. Your feedback helps us plan our road map for new features and product improvements. Thank you for taking the time to share.

We appreciate and are grateful to all of you.


Bill Aho

CEO, VidAngel

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  1. I need a VidAngel representative to call me as I’m having trouble. I am 74 years old and live alone and I’m not sure how to get VidAngel on my TV even though I have everything I need. I’ve been paying for it for a couple of years in hopes that I can find out how to work it.

  2. Please get your services on apps like Tubi, Pluto, Vudu, and as many other streaming services as possible. I am mind boggled the fact that DISNEY sued you for allowing us to filter content. I stopped services when I could not filter everything any more. I no longer feel like my family can live without your services and plan to stop streaming ANY service who disallows Vidangel. Spend some money marketing this story. Get LOVE and HATE from both sides. Would be amazing if you could filter everything for everyone once again. Our children desperately need this. HINT HINT.

    1. Thank you James for the support! We are working around the clock to make more platforms and channels available in the future!

    1. While we don’t have an official update, our team is hard at work to make it available with VidAngel!

    2. Hi Daniel,
      I will add that it is currently being tested so it should be somewhat soon. I hate to try to be more specific but it’s a very high priority. We’ll let everyone know once it’s available. Thank you for asking.
      Bill Aho
      CEO, VidAngel

    1. Great question! Not at this time, but we are hopeful of making it possible for filtering to be accessible for more use cases down the road!

  3. Look forward to you adding this new feature for there are many awesome movies on freevee.

    Hope to see it soon! Keep up the good work!!

  4. Ads are very often more offensive than the actual content. I see this as the ultimate future for your business. Consumers should be in complete control of any media they pay for and view on their own devices. How can I help make this a reality?

  5. Hey guys, any idea when VidAngel will be available in the UK? Most of the content is identical to the US.

    1. Unfortunately, we cannot formally support our service outside of the United States. This is in part because Netflix and Amazon differ so much from country to country, and we currently connect with the US versions of Netflix and Amazon.

      We love that you’re excited about VidAngel and hope to expand outside the US in the future.

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