Sit down Q&A with our CEO, Bill Aho

To kick off November, we wanted to extend our gratitude to our employees with a spotlight on each department. A peek behind the VidAngel curtain. Of course, who better to start with than our CEO, Bill Aho. From our weekly customer-focused company-wide meetings to the dinners sent to us when we call in sick, he has fostered a culture, unlike anything we have seen before. He created a culture that takes it a step beyond treating each other like family. We treat each other like each of us has families of our own. With our cups full, we’re able to serve our customers tenfold. 

Without further ado, we asked our customers: “If you could ask our CEO one question, what would it be?”

Q: Dare I dream, can Hulu be added to VidAngel? Have you tried to get Disney+ on VidAngel?

A: Of course. Let’s dream together.  Really, we haven’t given up on Disney.

Q: I miss the old fire stick app. I don’t particularly like using my phone and casting. When is the fire stick app coming back?

A: It’s back! Here’s a link to set up the Fire TV app.

Q: When can I sign up for my individual services (Paramount+, STARZ, etc.) without going begging to Prime first?

A: It’s on the list if that’s any consolation. Quite a few services have been added lately, and it’s hard to keep up. The good news, we are just putting Amazon’s Freevee (free, ad-supported) to the test. And there are more to come.

Q: How are the operations of the company … day to day?

A: I’ve never seen a company like ours, with so many dedicated people that care about the customers and care for each other. Our customer support team kicks off our weekly company-wide meeting by going through customer concerns and pain points, and the entire company suggests ways we can improve.

Q: Are you hiring? And can I work from home?

A: As a matter of fact, we are looking to add another engineer. Here are the specs. If you fit, please get in touch.

Q: On a scale of 1-100, given all the obstacles Vid has faced from the beginning, how satisfied are you with the progress?

A: A wise man once said: “I’m pleased but not satisfied.”  We’ve made a lot of improvements to the product. And we’ve added thousands of titles. But there is so much more we’re working on, which is really exciting.

Q: What are your default filters?

A: It’s just my wife and me, so maybe a little different than when our kids were young. I don’t like harsh language, so I regularly filter out the worst swears. And sex scenes always make me uncomfortable, so those are filtered. But I must admit, when watching alone, I don’t filter the violence. I like Viking shows.

Q: Favorite movie/show you wouldn’t be able to enjoy without VidAngel?

A: Let’s say Shaun of the Dead.  I’m not normally a big fan of zombie movies, but this is such a fresh and funny take that I love it. And I wouldn’t watch it without VidAngel, mainly because of the language.

Q: What is your best business advice as a CEO?

A: Take great care of your team, and they will take great care of your customers.

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  1. VidAngel is great, we really enjoyed it while we had a subscription.

    Without Vidangel a large portion of the content on the streaming services is unwatchable.

    Hopefully we can get it in South Africa again sometime….

    Best wishes.

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