Does VidAngel actually work?

Does VidAngel actually work?

One of our most frequently asked questions: Has anyone tried this? Does VidAngel actually work?

Yes, over a million people have used VidAngel.

And yes, we actually work.  

How does VidAngel work?

VidAngel allows you to select what offensive language to mute and what inappropriate scenes to skip. With a click of a button, you can take out nudity, sex scenes, f-bombs, blasphemy, violence, and gore before you even press play. You can make an R-rated movie PG or take out one scene that would make you uncomfortable.

Before VidAngel, I was the filter. I would watch any questionable movie or tv show (ALL seasons) and write down where the “bad” stuff was so we could then all watch it together. THIS is SO much easier … and very appreciated!!” – Karen

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How do I know what scenes to take out before even watching the show?

For example, the category “sex/nudity/immodesty” is broken down into subsections: Sexually Suggestive, Nudity w/ Sex, Nudity w/o Sex, Sexual Assault, etc. Within each section, there is a vague description to know what kind of scene it is without spoiling the movie. 

As someone with PTSD and panic disorder, thank you for removing triggering content from movies. Just because I have past childhood trauma doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to enjoy media like everyone else.” – Shannen

Why do people use VidAngel?

Our customers use our services for a variety of reasons. There are quite a few shows that have a thought-provoking plot with great messages. What so many of our customers are finding, even the most uplifting show can still contain profanity, blasphemy, and nudity. TV series and movies critics deemed “family-friendly” have language that was nowhere to be seen during evening TV shows in the 80s. People no longer have to play the guessing game with VidAngel. Instead of fast-forwarding through parts you don’t want to see or getting blindsided by someone’s creative expression, people can relax and enjoy movie night.

“When I was a kid, we would watch movies that were broadcast on regular tv, and they had to filter them. I watched some of these movies unfiltered as an adult and was shocked at the content allowed in family movies, even from the 80s. Movie studios won’t allow edited versions to be sold. So filtering services are the only option if you want to watch a war movie without any language or unnecessary nudity. I don’t have broadcast tv anymore because of what they allow nowadays. We shouldn’t have to be restricted to G movies or cartoons if we don’t want language or sexual content in our entertainment.” – Chrystal 

“Best $10 I have EVER spent!!! I can watch movies with my family now without worrying about what they might see. You can turn on as many or as few filters as you want for each show you watch. It’s genius as long as they keep the price affordable like it is, I will not ever cancel this membership.” – Vanessa

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    1. Thank you for reaching out! VidAngel is a filtering company. We do not offer the shows directly, which is why you’ll need to connect to streaming services to access most content.

      Currently, VidAngel connects to these services:

      Apple TV+®


      Amazon Video®

      Amazon Prime®

      Amazon Channels Showtime®

      Amazon Channels Paramount+ premium® (ad-free)

      Amazon Channels Starz®

      Amazon Channels PBS®

      Amazon Channels BritBox®

      Amazon Channels AMC+® (ad-free)

      We also offer some great original content offered by Angel Studios. They have partnered with creators to offer titles like The Chosen, Dry Bar Comedy specials, and more!

      We look forward to adding more service connections in the future.

  1. How do you filter? Do you pay people to watch the movies themselves, and they filter the content? I feel bad paying someone else to watch what I don’t want to.

    1. Really good question! Members of our team watch the content for our VidAngel customers, and they never have to watch a show or movie that makes them uncomfortable.

  2. do you filter content for a physical DVD that I put in my Blu-ray player to watch on my smart tv?

    1. Great question! Not at this time, but we are hopeful of making it possible for filtering to be accessible for more use cases down the road!

    1. Right now, VidAngel does not support YouTube. We plan to keep building upon our product and making it more and more amazing. This includes adding connections to more streaming platforms like the one you’ve mentioned.

  3. Does VidAngel work directly through my TV (Xfinity), my computer or Roku – or all of the above?

    1. Great questions! Vidangel is an app you can download to some TV devices (you can find supported ones here: What devices work with VidAngel?), or you can visit our website on your computer. You connect your streaming services to VidAngel and then watch on the VidAngel app or website to view with filters. VidAngel does not connect with Xfinity, but you can see our supported services right here: What services connect with VidAngel?

    1. We don’t have a free trial, but we DO offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for first time subscribers! You can read more about that HERE.

  4. so how exactly does this work? do you here a blank spot where the obscenity would be? or a bleep? how are unwanted scenes skipped? just skipped over like they are a chapter in a DVD? trying to understand what the experience would be like.

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