What is it actually like to watch Yellowstone without profanity, nudity, and gore?

What’s it like to watch “Yellowstone” without profanity, nudity, and graphic violence?

What can you expect when watching Yellowstone with filters for profanity, nudity, and gore? First things first. Hope you’re sitting down for this one. Rip still exists. Although much quieter, Beth is still there too. They are all ever present, along with the plotline and Kevin Costner. 

Apparently, that’s not common knowledge and has caused quite a bit of concern across our social channels. Last week, someone asked, “VidAngel then why would they [they’re talking about VidAngel customers here] watch YELLOWSTONE???”

VidAngel then why would they watch YELLOWSTONE???

You know we live to banter, but we thought we’d let our fellow VidAngel customers take the floor. Here’s what they have to say about why they still choose to watch Yellowstone filtered with VidAngel:

“Because a great story can be told without the language and nudity.” – Christopher D. 

“The fact that they can’t make shows without that shows their lack of good imagination for a decent storyline.” – Shawna Stamper

“Because sometimes the story and character are great but they have unnecessary ‘enhancements.’” – Charlotte Taucher 

“I DON’T watch Yellowstone anymore because they profane the name of God multiple times EVERY episode.” – Daniel N. (raises hand)

“Wait, is this person actually suggesting that people might and should watch Yellowstone specifically FOR the language, nudity, and violence?? How is that considered better?” – Meredith M. 

“Isn’t Kevin Costener in it? Idk.” – John M. 

“It’s like these people have never watched an edited movie on TV. I was well into adulthood when I learned The Breakfast Club was rated R, because I had seen it on TV a dozen times and it was always edited. Studios produce the TV edited versions of all their films. Why not let the audience decide what is filtered out?” – Jeff S. 

“That’s such a silly question because even shows that don’t have intense themes seem to have profanity and the like.” – Stephanie B. 

“Pretty much a violent soap opera.” – Gregory P.

“Imagine wanting to watch Yellowstone just for the nudity and language.” Steven K.

“I know right!? I mean what’s left if you take away all of the good stuff like nudity/explicit language/violence??! The story/plot?? Pft boring!!!!…*ends sarcasm*” – Russ C.

There you have it. Yellowstone still has a plotline without all of the explicit profanity, nudity, and graphic violence. With our customizable filters, you get to decide where to draw the line in the sand. Turns out there’s more to this award-winning series than Beth yelling profanities in the wind. 

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  1. You never hear anyone complaining that there isn’t any, or not enough, nudity, sex, profanity, etc. But plenty of people don’t want to see or hear it. There would only be MORE viewers and not less if these things were not included.

    1. I love the show and great actors but the nudity and language is terrible I’m sure that’s a big thing with Kevin Costner

  2. I find Yellowstone story series wonderful but I abhor the ungodly language. Depicts just how depraved the industry has gotten. Why so horrible language?

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