Stranger Things

“Mom, where do filters come from?”

1:00 am MT, Season 4 of Stranger Things is released on Netflix. 

1:01 am MT, VidAngel’s team starts working.

Stranger Things Season 4 dropped on Netflix at 1 am this morning. And that means we’ve been up ever since with one goal in mind—making a show as popular as Stranger Things available for you to enjoy with precise filters as quickly as possible. No exceptions. 

Our tagging team watches each episode and identifies anything that could potentially be filtered. This is a painstakingly detailed, frame-by-frame process. And we do this twice to ensure precision. Good ol’ rinse and repeat. After tags have been prepped for each episode, it is ready for VidAngel.

After nearly 3 years, 1,058 days to be exact, the wait for a new season of Stranger Things is over. Stranger Things Season 4, Part 1 is officially LIVE on VidAngel.

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  1. have there been any efforts to get the “Major Studio” content like Disney back on VidAngel?

    1. Great question! We make a daily effort to provide more content, streaming services, and platforms on VidAngel. Unfortunately, we are unable to have Disney content on our site.

    2. its better than nothing but Clearplay can filter titles to studios Vidangel cant. stinks having to pay for 2 different services but it is what it is. more often than not i still have to go back over and filter some titles myself cus Clearplay is not very accurate. Always check IMDB for studios listed on titles just in case Vidangel cant filter them. i missed some cus the subsidiaries change.

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