Peacock has landed.

Peacock has landed.

Move over turkey, there’s a new bird in town for the holiday season. Birds of a feather can now filter Peacock together. How EXCITING. Peacock offers a vast collection of blockbuster films, timeless cult classics, and brand-new originals. So, grab your favorite snack and sit down to enjoy NBC’s iconic shows like The Office and Parks and Recreation. Or, buckle up for the hit series, Yellowstone. It’s the Sopranos meets Country. The good guys are just less bad than the bad guys and family loyalty means everything. Gather the family around to watch a piece of your childhood in the new movie,The Super Mario Bros. Movie. Whatever you’re looking for, Peacock has something for everyone. 

Birds that flock together, filter together. 

VidAngel supports both the Premium and Premium Plus plans. We do not support the free Basic plan.

We cannot provide filters for the ads on the Premium plan. The Premium plan generates revenue from advertising rather than paid subscriptions. If you feel like the ad content is inappropriate, please know that VidAngel has no say in the ads that are shown. If you do not want to see certain kinds of ads, we recommend you upgrade to Peacock’s Premium Plus plan.

If you need help getting Peacock connected to your VidAngel account, please visit here for step-by-step instructions.

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  1. Best news ever. There have been shows that I have tried on that service but couldn’t make it through when I was watching it directly on Peacock.

  2. So if we upgrade to Peacock Premium Plus the shows will stream through VidAngel with our Chromecast no problem?


    1. If you mean a newer Google TV Chromecast with a remote, then yes! You can watch Peacock content in the Google TV app. If you mean casting to a Chromecast dongle, we’re still building the ability to cast Peacock shows.

  3. Are all Peacock movies included? I searched a few and they aren’t coming up for me. I do have Premium Plus and it is connected. I can see shows, just not movies.

    1. Great question, Shannon!
      We don’t have filters built for everything yet, but we are adding new movies and TV shows weekly! If you don’t see a title you want to filter then head to our mobile app or website on a computer to Request it in through our Search feature. Our content Team uses requests to help determine what to filter next!

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