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What does it take to be a good review? A good review has to come from a real, relatable person. Have you ever looked at a company’s business page or Google review and thought… those are paid bots, not real people? Same. So we gathered real VidAngel reviews, from real people. The ones who believe that conversation can be had without f-bombs. People who know movies without nudity still have plotlines. These are your people. The cream of the crop, the crème de la crème. Enjoy these real VidAngel Reviews, from real people.

“It’s like hiring a janitor, but for your TV.” – Kendalyn

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your program!! This is better than ice cream.”

“VidAngel, because it’s cheaper than therapy.” – Jordan

“You make movies cleaner than a Sunday Sermon.” – Micah

“It’s like deodorant for your TV.” – Jess Coombs

“I value VidAngel more than a microwave.” – John

Something you can value more than a microwave? Better than ice cream? Cleaner than a Sunday Sermon? Something else you don’t have to clean up yourself?! Say less. We’re sold. Sign up today to cut the smut out of your favorite TV series and movies. You deserve your own, personal movie janitor.

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