The Office

“The Office” through the eyes of a VidAngel Employee

That was followed by five very long seconds of awkward silence in the midst of an interview with one of our potential hires. Now, if you’re new here, our VidAngel Facebook page practically doubles as a shrine for The Office. Proud? Concerned? Both.

I immediately crossed off the next question, “What’s your greatest weakness?” That had just been made abundantly clear. Despite her past lapse in judgment, she’s a big fan of Suits and Psych, so she checked out and was hired as our Social Media Manager. 

No explanation given, nor was it needed. It was happening. Ten years after The Office finale, we got to experience one of the best cult classics of our time over a period of several months through Slack messages from our coworker like it was the first time.   

Spoilers ahead. If you haven’t seen The Office yet, that’s on you.

The slack heard around the VidAngel channels: HE LOSES ANGELA.
“Dwight and Angela just broke up.”
“Andy & Angela !!!!! I was unprepared. I am so sad for Dwight.”
“The Jim and Dwight moment in the hallway - TEARS. That was so tender.”
“I am a Jim fan.”
“Just finished the dinner party episode. I’ve never been so uncomfortable in my entire life.”
“You guys Angela is a cheater. She may be my least favorite.”
“Pam and Jim just got engaged so we are ending on a good note.”
“My new favorite movie is ‘Threat Level Midnight.’”
“They sang him 9,986,000 minutes.”
“Deangelo getting crushed by the basketball hoop was extremely unexpected.”
"Raymond Reddington chatting with Dwight Schrute. I've seen it all."
"Josh Groban as Andy's brother makes so much sense."
"Pam faking labor has me wishing I had done more with that when I had the chance."
"It's really nice to meet you, Brian."
"THE BABY IS DWIGHTS" ...this was clearly not a time for punctuation of any kind. 
"I hate Kathy."
"I miss Michael Scott as the manager." So did the producers. 
"VidAngel needs a work bus."
"Brian the Boom Mic guy is sneaky"
"Does Andy come back? He has completely disappeared to the Bahamas. Sounds kinda nice."
"he has a beard"
"I actually like Erin & Pete together."
"Pam & Jim are stressing me out."
"Creed is an accountant. There's no way."
"Dwight is going to be the manager and I'm so happy for him. It's truly all he's ever wanted."
"Oscar is running for senate."
"Stanley is retiring"
"I think Erin is going to meet her birth mom. This is so exciting. And her dad."
"Ryan is a DAD."
"and Michael came." Honestly, we expected more of a reaction from her on this one.
"Pamela Beasley Halpert is my best friend. (tear-faced emojis)"
"I just finished. I get it now."
VidAngel "The Office"

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