Why VidAngel?

Did you know offensive content in today’s movies has increased nearly 800% since 1980? 

The first swear word in a studio film was in 1939’s Gone With the Wind. Nowadays, our movies average 43 swear words an hour. We grew up with movies modified to be “TV appropriate,” meaning, when you go to show your family a childhood classic on Netflix, you might be shocked to hear how much swearing there was in the original movie. Not only has there been a drastic increase of profanity in our movies, but with countless streaming services at your family’s fingertips, gone are the days of edited-for-TV versions of movies.  

Offensive content in 1980 vs 2022


  • Strong Language –  4 per hour
  • Sex, nudity, or immodesty – 3 per hour
  • Violence or gore – 2 per hour


  • Strong Language –  43 per hour
  • Sex, nudity, or immodesty – 18 per hour
  • Violence or gore – 15 per hour
Profanity, nudity, sex, and violence in today's movies has increased by 800% since the 1980s.

Why use VidAngel if fast-forwarding is free?

Yes, your remote control is free. And so is covering your children’s eyes AFTER something has already popped up on the screen. Stop stumbling for the remote or pretending your psychic abilities are batting a thousand. Your remote is only as good as your knowledge of the future. VidAngel is like having a custom pre-programmed remote that will automatically skip sex scenes, nudity, f-bombs, blasphemy, all sorts of profanity, gore, and so much more BEFORE they come on the screen.

Don’t leave it up to chance. Free yourself of the guilt of hitting the mute or skip button a second too late. Use VidAngel to help you skip scenes you don’t want your teenagers, or YOU, watching. 

“You can’t skip something you don’t know is coming, including language. And it’s very hard to skip things perfectly using the remote, in my experience. I watch for entertainment. Constantly skipping kills that. Why go to all the effort, when you have VidAngel which easily automates it for you. You can even customize the filters for each movie and episode, if you don’t want to use the defaults.” – Mark C.

Contrary to popular belief, most movies still have a plot, even without nudity. A storyline that is still worth paying attention to even when everyone is clothed. *gasp* People finding romance with shirts on and everything.The CIA spy thriller is just as thrilling without profanity. Want to watch a really good movie without all the garbage? Try VidAngel.

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