Why VidAngel?

Did you know offensive content in today’s movies has increased nearly 800% since 1980? 

The first swear word in a studio film was in 1939’s Gone With the Wind. Nowadays, our movies average 43 swear words an hour. We grew up with movies modified to be “TV appropriate,” meaning, when you go to show your family a childhood classic on Netflix, you might be shocked to hear how much swearing there was in the original movie. Not only has there been a drastic increase of profanity in our movies, but with countless streaming services at your family’s fingertips, gone are the days of edited-for-TV versions of movies.  

Offensive content in 1980 vs 2022


  • 4 counts of profanity, blasphemy, and foul language per hour.
  • 3 counts of sex, nudity, or immodesty per hour.
  • 2 counts of violence, blood, or gore per hour.
  • 9 total counts of potentially offensive content per hour.


  • 37 counts of profanity, blasphemy, and foul language per hour.
  • 15 counts of sexual content, nudity, or immodesty per hour.
  • 13 counts of violence, blood, or gore per hour.
  • 75 total counts of potentially offensive content per hour.
Profanity, nudity, sex, and violence in today's movies has increased by 800% since the 1980s.

Why use VidAngel if fast-forwarding is free?

Yes, your remote control is free. And so is covering your children’s eyes AFTER something has already popped up on the screen. Stop stumbling for the remote or pretending your psychic abilities are batting a thousand. Your remote is only as good as your knowledge of the future. VidAngel is like having a custom pre-programmed remote that will automatically skip sex scenes, nudity, f-bombs, blasphemy, all sorts of profanity, gore, and so much more BEFORE they come on the screen.

Don’t leave it up to chance. Free yourself of the guilt of hitting the mute or skip button a second too late. Use VidAngel to help you skip scenes you don’t want your teenagers, or YOU, watching. 

“You can’t skip something you don’t know is coming, including language. And it’s very hard to skip things perfectly using the remote, in my experience. I watch for entertainment. Constantly skipping kills that. Why go to all the effort, when you have VidAngel which easily automates it for you. You can even customize the filters for each movie and episode, if you don’t want to use the defaults.” – Mark C.

Contrary to popular belief, most movies still have a plot, even without nudity. A storyline that is still worth paying attention to even when everyone is clothed. *gasp* People finding romance with shirts on and everything.The CIA spy thriller is just as thrilling without profanity. Want to watch a really good movie without all the garbage? Try VidAngel.

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  1. Hello, I’ve been subscribed to vidangel for years and I absolutely love the service you provide. However, I’m getting tired of not being able to find anything to watch. It seems like you cater to a certain group of subscribers interests. My feed is constantly filled with Sci-fi, fantasy, dark, thrillers, etc. Which I’m not into at all. I love all the Netflix series and reality series, yet they are no where to be found, except for Love is Blind. The reason I subscribe to vidangel is to watch my Netflix shows…yet I’m constantly searching for these programs and you never post them. I’m looking at my Netflix “trending” shows and you have almost none of them on vidangel…Married at first sight, Love Island, the ultimatum, Next Fashion, Love is blind Brazil, Love is Blind Japan, Indian Matchmaking. The list goes on and on. These are all Netflix created series that are trending…yet not on Vidangel. Why? Some people like that genre.

    1. We totally get where you’re coming from. Thanks so much for reaching out with your requests. We love hearing what you want to have filtered!
      You can go to http://www.vidangel.com on a computer and log in to your VidAngel account to make requests for movies and TV shows you’d like to see on VidAngel. After you’re logged in, here’s how:

      1. Go to the Search feature near the top right.
      2. Type in your show.
      3. Click the Request button.
      If you don’t see your show or nothing comes up:
      4. Click the Request tab (next to the Results tab) in the Search listings.
      5. Fill out the form with the show’s information.
      6. Click the Submit button.

      If needed, you can find more visuals here: How do I request filters for a movie or TV show?
      We track these requests. The more requests a title gets, the higher up the list it moves. We focus on the titles with the most votes and then research to make sure it is a title we are allowed to filter.

  2. Ok I am very new. I have never heard of vidangel before ( wasn’t sure if this is a hard ware or software thing? After reading what everyone is saying, I believe vidangel is somekind of software? I noticed that you are limited in what you can offer and ur clients are limited in what they want to see. So my question is : do you provide some kind of trial run period at no charge or is this a trial by error and pay as you go? And, is this a cancel anytime if I am not satisfied or is this somekind of LONG contract deal?

    1. Great questions, Kenny!
      More software. It’s an app for your TV or phone/tablet (or website) where you connect to your streaming services and then watch on. I think you’ll find almost all your questions answered here: What is VidAngel and how does it work?
      We do offer a 30-day money-back guarantee and you cancel anytime! (But if you want a longer-term option with a discount, we do offer an Annual Plan.) If you still have any questions or run into any trouble, PLEASE contact our fantastic Support: https://help.vidangel.com/hc/en-us/p/contactus (they get sad if you don’t)

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