Love is Blind

All the thoughts we had while watching “Love is Blind”

Love is patient. Love is kind. But is love blind? Season 5 left us all feeling like that could have just been an email, a good ol’ nothing burger of a season. Luckily, Season 6 is a something burger, taking social media by storm and becoming the most-watched season of the Love is Blind franchise.

We might be in the business of helping you take the trash out of your movies, but a few of us like to watch a dumpster fire of a reality TV show or two. We tasked a couple of newbies and some veterans with watching an episode of Love is Blind. No one did this against their will, but a few did it with the promise of a Swig run.

Senior Software Engineer – Blake 

Blake – This seems like…(his wife) spoilers?

Fast forwards 2m. 

The dating pool is shallow…like my personality, just wait. 

I thought we voted them off this island. 

T+J dogs and dogs and dogs

….also, I like the SUN. 

Trevor: checks notes what are girls’ favorite movies?

I’ve planned one wedding, so I’m an event planner. (big Utah Photographer vibes)

I love Fran’s laugh. 

Financial planners loved dropping the word Excel.

I only ask the questions (rage quit)

Lol Matt is so funny.
Do you think she said thirty-two so it sounded like she was 30… too? (yes, yes I do)

Johnny + Amy 4eca

Lights out on the spaceship

They don’t have to be in adjacent pods… they could literally do this over zoom. 

Jim and Jess….let’s see what happens. 

Secret, secret, I got a secret… 

Kid in the cards changes the game

We’re a Fall family

Oh boy it’s more kids isn’t it?

You’ve been married, I went to college, what are we doing here?

Why am I even here, these girls are freaking crazy.

Jimmy wants out. 

Jimmy should have stayed in school

What is love? Baby don’t hurt me. 

1000% sure, 98% of the way, waiting for the 100…numbers mean everything to me. 

Chelsea gonna talk her way off the show with her “young marriage”

Johnny sounds like David Schwimmer

AD molding the Clay

Clay just burned himself dooooowwwwn.

Superman guy is corny

Get ma’ on the phone

Clark digging a hole here

OMG…Amber and AD go the same speech from superman

This is so awkward

Leonard from Big Bang.

Social Media Manager – Jessenia


I actually love Jimmy and Jessica

Oh but Jimmy had another girl

Never mind I changed my mind about Jimmy. Bye boy. 

All of the men this season are giving me the ick.

Walking red flags.


MATTHEW NO. none of us are on your side.

He keeps mentioning national TV. He’s been playing a game.

“America’s gonna be watching.”

Heartbroken Trevor has me SO SAD.

I did not expect to be crying this season.

Chelsea and Jimmy are my least favorite because I LOVED Jessica and Trevor


Jimmy is not into it. Also him focusing on her looks and saying she “lied” AND HE ALMOST WENT HOME.

Going to start counting the amount of times Jimmy and Chelsea say they’re “happy”

Kenneth’s only love is his phone

Kenneth’s mad that she didn’t want to be in ‘the moment’ at 1:30am. WHEN SHE WAS ASLEEP. 

He is the problem.



She’s mad now.

Email Marketing Manager – Kimberly

What is up with Matt? There’s just no way he’s going to find someone.

Oh wait someone seems interested in him lol.

People think it’s crazy that AD likes Matt. Awkward.

AD now likes Clay. Matt has no chance. Right?

Well ok, she seems excited to see him so..

He’s a pistachio.

Okay, okay, they are actually hitting it OFF

Jessica is telling Jimmy about her child. Oh no he doesn’t seem thrilled 

So he’s saying he’s fine with it but it doesn’t feel like it to me at all. It feels super weird.

Chelsea is talking to her 2 potentials, Jimmy and Trevor, and telling them she used to be married. Jimmy was kinda weird about it. Trevor was totally fine and pretty forward about wanting to be with her. I think she matches better with Trevor. There’s something about Jimmy that’s sus to me. Also, Chelsea thinks she looks like Megan Fox lol.

Who are these men?

Clay and AD are talking deep. So maybe he has more of a chance than Matt..?

Clay says suavé 

Okay now he’s talking about physical features. She seems very turned off by him saying that. Why is he even here?

Now she’s meeting with Matt. Oh, shoot they are really vibing. I’m so shocked. Wait, are they cute?

Wow, who the heck is Amber? She’s dating Matt? Did I miss something?

So Matt just kind of admitted it, about saying the same things to Amber. He’s so done. He messed up.

Matt thinks America is on his side, hahaha

There are just red flags going up everywhere rn.

Now AD’s meeting with Clay. The vibes feel off to me. Okay yep, it’s getting weirder.

Clay flying off the handle about the Matt stuff. More red flags.

Johnny and Amy just met in person. They seem very into each other, but for some reason, I feel a sense of awkwardness on her end; we’ll see. He seems smitten though.

Clay and AD are reconciling. For the show. I do not think they will last long-term.

Kenneth and Brittany are cute. Interested to see where that goes.

Fast forwarding Jeramey with Laura and Sarah Ann. Sorry, not sorry.

Jimmy is so stoic.

Why does Chelsea seem all-in with Jimmy? Trevor is better.

She cries when he says “I love you” but it doesn’t feel like tears of happiness from love.

Where is this midsummer night’s dream going?

AD and Clay just got engaged. There’s a lingering feeling that it’s not going to end well. Idk.

Brittany and Kenneth are cute. Seems to be a lot of chemistry there.

A letter to her future husband? Noo. It was too early for that.

Jess getting heated. This is just going to make him run off with Chelsea.

Said he loved Chelsea. Yep, knew it.

Jessica caught wind of it. She is going to shred him the next time they talk.

Is Clay doing okay? His behavior is odd to me?

Jessica is baiting Jimmy.

She about to go off on him. She’s livid. They wouldn’t have worked out anyway.

Chelsea chose Jimmy. No. I think it’s a mistake. And he’s going to say she doesn’t look like Megan Fox.

Now she’s going to have to break poor Trevor’s heart.

This man is a gem.

Oh she messed up.

Jeramey and Sarah Ann’s breakup the most straightforward conversation I think I’ve ever witnessed.

This means Laura is his pick. Not sure what to make of these two. We’ll see the vibes when they meet in person.

Chelsea running to him while just strolls 

He’s bothered about the Megan Fox thing I can tell.

And he just said it out loud in his interview. Knew it.

Jeramey is so quirky, it’s hilarious.

Their chemistry seems pretty good so far.

Off to honeymoon!

Jimmy constantly talking about Chelsea’s looks and how “they don’t matter” is making me so uncomfortable.

Also Chelsea seems to have low self esteem. This isn’t going to end well. I feel so bad.

Laura is going to get sick of Jeramey’s quirkiness.

Haha, called it. Not sure if she was joking but it felt like a joke that has some truth to it lol

Jimmy. Jimmy, just stop.

Stop talking about her looks.

Marketing Manager – Chloe

Oooh. A mother. She’s stunning.

Trevor. The Notebook? That’s like Donna Kelce saying her favorite Taylor Swift song is “Shake it Off.” 

A fresh-cut lawn. That makes sense. 

An event planner who has done one wedding. Okay.

Jimmy and Jess. J & J. Stamp of approval. 

Numbered 1-15.

He walked out.

Okay wait wait AD?! Matthew?! 

“I’ll just paint my nails red to match.” Gold. Gold. 

He is not it AD. Clay is not it. 

Is Matthew okay?

Love is Blind is showing a lot of food…..

Jimmy says “It is not a deal-breaker” as it very much so looked like it was a deal-breaker. 

Jimmy needs to realize these women lived lives before they met him. 

Don’t worry Chelsea. You’re divorced. Jimmy went to college. Tomato tomato. Phew glad Jimmy got that off his chest. 

AMBER. MATTHEW. AD. A financial advisor who’s into shapes of the triangle variety. 

Jeramey with an A. Hard pass. 

Jeramey would have two robot vacuums running. Weirdly placing that in the cons column.

Okay, Amy talking about her brother is really precious. Whoops, crying. 

Okay Matthew. You can’t just repeat back what she’s already saying.

Oh oh. Yep you can. It’s resonating with her, apparently. Paint your nails girl. Paint ‘em.

I am rooting for you Kenneth and Brittany, don’t let me down.

I keep forgetting that Amy and Johnny exist. That’s what happens when you’re unproblematic.

MGK. Come get your girl.


Jamal is out here doing the Lord’s work. 

There’s more food.

Trevor and Chelsea are precious. His dog and wife could both be named Chelsea. Soulmates. 

Give Jess a little crumb or something Jimmy.

“He’s not your man.” 

AN EPI-PEN?!?! Well that took me out.

Not Chelsea and Jimmy. What a wild mistake. This will end in flames.

Let Trevor be a lesson to all of you, don’t gift a girl a dog collar. Try a gum wrapper, an expired bus pass, stale crackers, a free water bottle provided by the show… Anything else would have made Trevor an engaged man.  

Chelsea, those are tears of regret. 

“Your choice is for a reason, right?” – Captain Sarah Ann Obvious

Jimmy gets to meet Megan Fox.

If you say “I’m happy” one more time, we might believe you. 

“You need to get to the gym.” No… what she needs is some nail polish remover. Take off the red.

The entire beach scene. There’s so much.

Chelsea. Chelsea. Oh Chelsea. 

Oh, oh Jess will be there next week.

Can’t be bothered with the rest of the honeymoons. I’m distracted.

Fast-forwards through the three episodes in hopes of seeing Jimmy and Jess together for the first time.

No Jess. 

Reluctantly backtracks. 

Thank heavens for those dolphins. 

Put the phone down sweetie. 

His house feels staged.

Kenneth was ice cold.

Another fight between Chelsea and Jimmy. Shocking. 

Picture of who?! Jess. Great. I, for one, feel robbed.

Jess and Laura at the bar… not Jess’ best moment.

Hanging out at the lost and found until 5 something? So many questions. 

Oh another fight.

You are not your father, Clay. 

Jess and Jimmy. Jimmy and Jess. What could have been.

Not Sarah Ann and Jeramey with an A and a misplaced E riding jet-skiing off into the sunset.

Jimmy and Chelsea broke up. Glad they’re on the same page as the rest of us.

Wedding #1. Not surprised. Disappointed but not surprised. 

Clay’s mom’s conversation with his dad was powerful.

“You met me, but you wasn’t good to me.”

Amy and her brother. I’m a mess. 

Congrats to Johnnie and Amy. So sweet. 

Customer Support Specialist – Shay

If Trevor chooses Chelsea, will he change the name of his dog?

Going to Home Depot to find a man…not a bad idea. 

Team J Squared and I’m only 12 minutes in. 

Ew…Matthew is giving the ick


I wonder if they read each other’s notes at the end??

At the age where a man should be “fully potensh’d.” Dead.

Not even sure I am fully potensh’d and I have been married 10 years.

AD all day.

Where is the footage of Matthew in a dance off?!

The hot sauce faces.

Literally laughing out loud at Jimmy blowing his nose. Jess handles it like a champ.

“My husband”…awkward silence

They are getting engaged ASAP

TELL HIM about your daughter! 

Say something Jimmy

This would actually be so hard, emotionally

I’m here for Johnny

He ripped his pants

So much to unload in this episode.

Clay…you are on the wrong show

Yes Queen. 

Customer Support Specialist – Natalie

Literally starting with “that was real extra but that’s how I feel!” Let’s go

Me: Poor short guy, I would date a short guy…. Who’s husband is 6 goot 3. 

Not a smokin’ couple hosting a show and saying looks don’t mean anything in the relationship

Jessica is not 34!

I hate being able to hear people breathe x3

Why does Jessica think liking sports makes her weird?

I could have told you Barnett is a baseball guy


Ya Carlton is not the vibe

[Shay enters chat] Not me reading your thread and re-living the whole season.

[Natalie re-engages]

They’re crying together on date 2…they are getting married

Jessica takes “customer service voice” to another level when she walks into that pod

Cameron…don’t let him actually be creepy

wait how is there a proposal already? how many episodes are there? 1?

BRO! You can’t propose and then tell us you are keeping a huge secret from her.

K Barnett needs to freaking cool it.

Stop it. 

They should have a therapist outside each pod honestly.

Ok cute I love Kelly and Kenny!

Wait is Rory the therapist?

He totally is.

My husband walks in on Damian proposing “Wow, this guy.”

Ok but the bow on his wrist to make him the gift! My hopeless romantic heart can’t.

Giannina took control man.

How many people have met, fallen in love and gotten engaged in 9 days and I haven’t even folded my laundry from 9 days ago…

oof the Barnett showdown.

LOL what if he mixed up who was on the other side of the wall and proposed to the wrong one.

Noooo LC it’s not your fault!

I am so team Giannina and Damian. They better not break my heart.

Not Amber just being relieved he’s not ugly.

You can kind of tell who is going to last by they way they greet each other for the first time.

Says I who has never seen this and has no idea who’s going to last or not.

They say “They started with love, but is love enough” and I hear “We made them fall in love, now we will tear them apart.”

Ok Kelly and Kenny matching.

Lauren and Cameron are killing me. Get that camera out of their faces. 

Carlton is back. 

Ew he’s creepy. 

And then there’s Mark being super respectful.

Ok he has to give her more than 2 seconds to process something so big.

This is making me want a vacation so bad.

But no one is paying for my vacation so we all know it wouldn’t be in a suite with free massages so maybe I’m good.

Ugh Kelly and Kenny are my fav.

Show, if you hurt them I will hurt you.





Kick him out of the resort and let her have a nice vacation alone. 

Here we go…Barnett is about to poop his pants.

Go get her Mark. 

Jessica needs to stop trying to self-sabotage.

The blue cheese ruins everything. 

Girl! He just doesn’t want to go back to work. 

Oh he doesn’t even have a work…my bad…oh shoot. 

Kelly trying to be supportive of everyone but she’s like…ya we perfect

Why is Mark more mature as a 24-year-old than 99% of the 30-year-old men out there?

Why do they have to live next door to each other? Who’s idea was that?

Straight to jail if you use my toothbrush.

Cameron do not make me cry!

Why is she trying to make him care more about the age gap than he does?

Did she just give her dog wine?

48 hours in the day…

Officially done with Jessica

Telling Mark he’s not mature enough for her but she’s so not mature.

Not team Fiannina and Damian anymore. 

I’m jumping ship. Just team GG. Damian can go. 

Run G run!!

I said RUN.

He can’t even get out of bed to have a serious conversation with her?

No You’re running the wrong way. I meant run away

Not the whisper.

G’s mom is intimidating and I love her.

Ok, get it Cameron.

It’s taking everything in me not to instagram search everyone to see how they end up.

I feel uncomfortable.

Why are they meeting up alone in the night?

Is she for real acting surprised?

How could he thinks you like him?

I only need one guess.

He doesn’t believe a word coming out of her mouth.

Damian is the WORST.

I suddenly want Carlton to come back…

Wait why isn’t the show paying for their weddings?

Did Lauren just YOLO about getting married?

The dog not eating the steak is more impressives than anything else in this show.

You don’t deserve him, you deserve better.

Are they all just using the same wine glasses?

The devil works hard, but Damian works harder when he’s trying to sell his Prince Charming lie. 

Poor bus driver.

Are the men at an art gallery? What is happening?

Cameron’s friends are so scientists.

Mark’s friend needs to chill out.


Slay GG!

Damian keeps playing with his ring…this isn’t happening is it?

“Just in case you get cold feet, here are some socks” immediately puts them on…

Ok G’s mom is going to rage.

How is she still standing there? Just go girl, you don’t need to stand there and listen to him.

The gasp that just came out of my mouth. 


Damian has gotten the scared puppy look down. 

He’s such an act.

All the cold feet everywhere.

I’m starting to get cold feet too.

Did Barnett’s dad just roll his eyes?

Dude he had me fooled so hard!
He had NO on his face didn’t he?



Kenny just debriefing the crowd. Poor guy. 

No flowers or support person to walk her down the aisle? We love a confident queen.

Dude Mark’s mom is not happy…I’m scared.

Lauren’s dad is going to make me cry!!

Everyone on this show: It’s only been 6 weeks and you’re getting married?

BYU Students: Hold my rootbeer. 

“I didn’t mean the curse” they all cross themselves. I am dead. 

Well. I’m hooked now so I’m glad there are 5 more seasons for me. 

Ok I’m watching the reunion and Barnett is soooo much less cringe than he was in the pods.

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