Hear ye, hear ye. We have Freevee!

Introducing our newest Amazon Channel, Freevee! Freevee is a free, ad-supported streaming service from Amazon. Our subscribers can now enjoy more filtered movies and shows without paying for an extra subscription. Savor an expanded buffet of filtered movies and shows without forking over a single extra penny. We’re working relentlessly to bring you more options, streaming services, and ways to enjoy your favorite shows across as many platforms as possible.

Whether it’s a binge-worthy series or a popular movie everyone is raving about, VidAngel lets you confidently give shows a chance that you’d written off otherwise. So gather your loved ones or a beloved snack, a new platform and a bunch of new shows just hit VidAngel. 

How do I get Freevee to work on VidAngel?

  1. Connect your VidAngel account to an Amazon account (does not need to be a Prime account): Connect streaming services on the website
    • If you don’t have an Amazon account, you can easily create one for free. Freevee is free (with ads) for all Amazon accounts.
  2. Once your Amazon account is connected, find a Freevee-offered movie: Category: Freevee Movies
  3. On the movie page there will be a button that reads “See Other Offers.” Click on it, and select “Freevee.”
  4. Click “Watch with Freevee” and wait for the title to verify.
  5. Click the “Watch” button and your movie should start playing from Freevee!

Does VidAngel filter the ads?

Long story short: No. We cannot provide filters for the ads. 

Freevee is an ad-supported video-on-demand streaming service that generates revenue from advertising rather than paid subscriptions. As a fellow business, we respect streaming services providing content that can be filtered with VidAngel. VidAngel’s technology works with these services to include all ads the same as when they are served to customers without VidAngel. Further, VidAngel provides all the usage data which allows streaming services to get full credit for all ads served.
If you feel like the ad content is inappropriate, please know that VidAngel has no say in the ads that are shown. If you are not wanting to see certain kinds of ads, contact Amazon support or choose to purchase the title through Amazon to avoid ads altogether.

Watch Freevee with VidAngel
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  1. I’m grateful for the Freevee capability, but I am not able to play Freevee videos on the VidAngel app for FireStick. Only Prime and paid options are available. Also, casting from my phone doesn’t seem to work with Freevee video streams, although it works with Prime videos. Is there something special I need to do?

  2. Do you not have the entire Frevee database? I was looking for a specific movie that is in Freveee but couldn’t find it on Vid Angel.

    1. Great question! We don’t have filters built for everything yet. We manually create the filters, so it can take time.

      We are adding new movies and TV shows weekly! Don’t see a title you want to filter? Just head to our mobile app or website on a computer to Request it through our Search feature. Our content Team uses requests to help determine what to filter next! You can see details here: How do I request filters for a movie or TV show?

    1. Sorry about that, Savannah! We’re experiencing some technical difficulties right now with Freevee titles. Our engineers are working on it now and we hope to have that option back up soon! If you want to be emailed once it’s fixed you can write in to our Support team: Contact VidAngel Support

  3. I am using Freevee on Amazon prime. It’s impossible to watch a show unless you don’t touch it. If I pause it for a quick break, I have to come back to it pretty quickly or it will start all over at the beginning of the movie when I resume. I can’t fast forward to catch up to where I was. Saleh in order to watch a movie after to watch the beginning of it over and over and over until I can get through it without any interruptions. very very frustrating

    The show that I’m trying to watch is Stillwater with Matt Damon

  4. I am trying to play a show from Amazon Freevee (free with ads). But it keeps erroring out. Saying “could not load video.” It seems to happen at the moments where there should be an ad because no ad plays and then the error pops up. Why is this happening?

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