Most-Watched Angel Studios Shows

Getting tired of mainstream media, but still want to enjoy a good show? Our friends at Angel Studios might have just the thing. Angel Studios produces a range of content, including feature films, episodic TV series, and documentaries. Some of their most popular productions include the TV series The Chosen, which depicts the life of Jesus Christ through the eyes of his disciples, and the feature film Tim Timmerman: Hope of America, a coming-of-age story about a high school student running for class president.

Angel Studios aims to create positive, uplifting, and inspiring content that promotes family values and provides entertainment options encouraging their viewers to “Get used to different.” Sign us up. 

Without further ado, we have the top 5 most-watched Angel Studios movies and TV shows you can watch with VidAngel. Happy watching!

#1 “The Chosen”

A charismatic fisherman struggling with debt. A troubled woman wrestling with demons. A gifted accountant ostracized from his family and people. In this ground-breaking first season of The Chosen see how Jesus reaches each of these and more as He works His first miracles and embarks on His ministry to change the world. See Him through the eyes of those who knew Him.

Watch "The Chosen" with VidAngel

#2 “Tuttle Twins”

The Tuttle Twins show, based on best-selling books, is the first-of-its-kind cartoon series that aims to instruct while entertaining. Join Grandma Gabby as she teaches more lessons about the values America was founded on with her wheelchair time machine.

Season 2 is out now, with new episodes monthly! 

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#3 “The Wingfeather Saga”

Nominated by Movieguide for “Best Television for Families,” Wingfeather Saga puts a whole new meaning to the family comes first. In a fantasy world of wonder and danger, one boy discovers a family secret that may awaken an ancient power or doom them to capture by a nameless evil.

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#4 “Freelancers”

Five broke friends struggle to build their video production company with limited resources, a total lack of experience, and a steady supply of quirky clients.

Watch "Freelancers" with VidAngel

#5 “Tim Timmerman: Hope of America”

Impeached high school president, Tim Timmerman seeks to redeem himself and get into Yale.

Watch "Tim Timmerman: Hope of America" with VidAngel

Stay tuned for exciting new projects Angel Studios has up its sleeves like The Shift, David, Truth & Conviction, and so many more. With your family in mind, they’re impacting the world one show at a time. 

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